The academic year begins in the month of June of every year.

The CIC enrolls students on its preparatory (Tamheediyya) course through a rigorous entrance test.

Those who are not above 17 years, and have passed the Secondary School (10th standard) exam and the seventh grade from any Madrassa run by All Kerala Islamic Education Board (or equivalent) are eligible to apply for the course.

Only those who successfully complete the Tamhidiya course of the CIC or its equivalent will get admission to the Aliya (undergraduate) courses.

The admission to the Postgraduate stage is restricted to those who successfully complete the Aliya course by the CIC or its equivalent.

Scoring scheme

The marks and grades for the term-end examination will be on the basis of the following pattern:

Excellent: 90% and above
Very Good: 80% and above
Good: 60% and above
Satisfied: 50% and above
Below average(for Preparatory and Degree courses): 35% and above
Failed(for Preparatory and Degree courses): Below 35%
Below average(for Postgraduate courses): 40% and above
Failed(for Postgraduate courses): Below 40%

The final examination for the Postgraduate courses will be conducted under the supervision of eminent scholars of the Samastha Kerala Jam’iyathul Ulema.

Entrance Examination

The admission to the various courses offered by CIC is restricted through a centralized Entrance Examination conducted in the month of May every year at selected centres across Kerala.

Candidates can appear for the test at any exam centre of their choice, regardless of the college/institution they apply for or the ones they sent the applications to. In view of the candidates’ convenience, the CIC is also looking forward to introducing online entrance tests in future.

The seat allotment is done on the basis of a centralized rank list of the candidates, and taking into account their preferences, availability of seats and the regulations of CIC.