Co-curricular Activities

Various educational and intellectual sessions and cultural programmes are organized at regular intervals and on official days such as Independence and Republic Days. Eminent scholars, doctors, legal and political experts, writers, military officials and personality developers are invited to the college to interact with the students. The co-curricular activities in the colleges also include various programmes in Arabic, English, Urdu and Malayalam languages . Community living camps are conducted for PG students in every semester in order to foster collective responsibility, cooperation and fellow feeling among them . In addition, students are given special training in various presentation skills such as elocution, debates, seminars, table talks, discussions and mock parliaments etc. Moreover, there are magazines (both manuscript and printed), tabloids, bulletins, pamphlets, wall journals, souvenirs and research magazines to improve the writing skills of the students.

The CIC also organizes workshops for teachers to generate awareness of the new trends in education and curriculum development and to develop personality and teaching skills; and for the managements of the affiliated colleges to create awareness about the role of effective management in the overall education process.