Down Memory Lane

The synthesis of Islamic and secular streams of knowledge is an essential need of our time. One of the biggest challenges facing institutions of higher Islamic learning the world over is to produce religious scholars equipped with not only an in-depth knowledge in the varied sciences of Islam but also a sophisticated understanding of the scientific, cultural, political, and intellectual currents that are shaping our world. A solution to this problem lies in wedding classical Islamic education with contemporary sciences, and producing scholars who understand the specific needs of contemporary societies.

It was with this objective in mind that the Coordination of Islamic Colleges (CIC), based in the Indian southern state of Kerala, gave shape to comprehensive Islamic courses for boys and girls, designed systematically by combining both Islamic and material streams of education.

The CIC’s comprehensive programme for boys includes preparatory, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Islamic studies and a recognized Bachelor’s degree in a secular discipline. The PG programme consists of seven departments under three faculties namely Theology, Islamic Sharia and Langauge& Culture. This programme has been tailored to mould a new and promising generation of scholars with an in-depth knowledge in Islamic studies and a cutting-edge understanding of the specific pastoral needs of contemporary societies.

The programme for girls combines preparatory and undergraduate courses in Islamic studies with a recognized Bachelor’s degree in a secular discipline. Those who successfully complete the P.G course for boys are conferred with the title Wafy while those who pass out of the course for girls are given the title Wafiyya.

These titles, referring to their allegiance to the Islamic cause, are derived from the Qruanic verse, “…whosoever keeps his covenant with Allah, on him will He bestow immense reward.” (Fatah, 10).

Established in 2000 and registered with the government of Kerala (No. 04/379), the CIC is an academic authority functioning as a University. Currently headquartered in MarakazuTharbiyathil Islamiyyah campus in the district of Malappuram, Kerala.