Wafy Students Federation

Wafy Students Federation (WSF) is a creative platform for the students of CIC’s affiliated colleges. The organization is involved in various activities aimedat promoting the co-curricular skills of the students and engaging them in various social and cultural forums, literary activities and contests, debates and seminars etc. They also conduct from time to time various public discussion forums on important topics. The girls’ students association is also engaged in different activities on various fronts.

Aims and functions

  • To consolidate the activities of students from different Wafy colleges
  • To activate them to efficiently carry out educational and co-curricular activities
  • To cultivate the organizational skill among students
  • To enable them to participate and contribute in Islamic propagation according to the need of the era

College Students’ Union

Students’ union in each college comprises10 sub committees handling different roles and responsibilities.

1. Fine Arts Committee

Fine arts committee is intended to develop various skills of the students, such as public elocution in English, Arabic, Urdu as well as intheir mother tongue Malayalam;verbal and written translation;poetry writing; lecturing, preaching and performing Friday sermons (Khuthubas) in mosques.

In order to make the students well-equipped for their mission, the committee divides them into several groupsand holds fine arts sessions separately on a weekly basis and general sessions every month. Apart from conducting special functions on the occasion of Independence Day, Language Day etc.,it convenes every year an Arts Fest wherein students compete in various on and off-stage items. The winners get qualified to participate in the State Inter-collegiate Wafy Arts Fest. A platform bridging all students of the union, the committee also organises annual study tours, sports meet etc.

2. Literary Club

The Literary Club serves as a crucible for harnessing the literary skill and creativity of the students.

Apart from giving constant training for students on writing articles, poems, stories etc., it generates awareness among them on new trends and developments in the world of literature and hold discussion about new books and movements.

3. Library

Library helps students fulfill their quest of knowledge by providing access to them to a vast array of reading materials across the spectrum. They include daily newspapers and periodicals in various languages; poems, stories and novels; and research magazines. The library has Arabic, English, Malayalam and Urdu divisions, and it functions as per the directives of CIC.

4. Editorial Board

Editorial boards are obliged to publish written and printed magazines in four languages (Arabic, English, Malayalam and Urdu) twice a year, and one Wall Magazine each week. It keeps on working properly in accordance with the decisions taken by WSF.

5. Social Affairs Board

The Social Affairs Board is an active wing which keeps the campus safe and clean, inculcating the values of social responsibility in students. It also strives to extend a helping hand to the poor and needy students through collaborative efforts.

6. Store Committee

The committee runs an in-house store catering to the daily requirements of the students. It sells various stationery and other commodities to the college students at affordable prices.

7. Saving Bank

Saving Bank offers an interest-free saving scheme for students, creating better awareness about the significance of financial discipline.

8. Medical Board

Medical Board ensures the health and wellbeing of the students, by conducting training programmes and awareness camps;giving first aidsandtaking them to hospitals if needed.

9. Research Cell

The cell consisting of seven sub-clubsmakes use of all available reference materials toconduct researches in relevant topics which will be presented tothe students through PowerPoint, paper presentation, debate, or skit.

The Quran, Hadith, Science, Islamic jurisdiction, Dawa and Rational clubs have to conduct researches once in three months and the out puts have to be uploaded on blog sites or published for public.

10. Auditing Board

The auditing board checks upon all divisions of the committee by giving appropriate directions from time to time to ensure that it in functions to meet its objectives, and according to the rules and regulations of WSF.


For the sufficient integration and unity among wafy students, WSF put forward "orbits" categorized by municipalities /panchayats/taluks.... Now almost 160 orbits are in existence under Wafy Students Federation. Every orbit strains with every nerve to spread sumptuous educational projects poured by CIC, among society and to launch social and Islamic propagation activities. Every orbit consists of a convener and two joint conveners for the safe guarding of activities.

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Professionally skilled and highly qualified CIC graduates excel both in the job market and higher studies institutions in and outside India. This testifies to the academic quality of its courses and the acceptance of the message it conveys. Some of the students who have completed the course are pursuing their PhDs in renowned international universities such as Al Azhar and Cairo Universities (Egypt) and Jawaharlal Nehru and Jamia Millia Universities in New Delhi. Many others work in different parts of the world as teachers, educationalists, Imams, Islamic propagators, media officials, preachers, executives etc.